We are excited as a church to offer you a program that will fill the students with holistic growth, biblical knowledge, authentic relationships, and leadership development. The versatility of our program can accommodate participants in various walks of life through our three different learning tracks: Full time, Flexi, and Drop-In.


Sarah Seibert graduated from Corban University with a Bachelor of Science of Elementary Education and a Minor in Bible. She later received her Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. Sarah previously taught as a primary school teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia for four years, before moving to East Africa for a year and she is now back in Jakarta as The Collective Institute Director. Sarah’s father is a pastor and her mother is teacher, so directing TCI is perfect for her. Her vivacious personality often leaves a lasting impact on those she comes into contact with because she has a great love of all things and of all people.


My journey to find Christ has been amazingly perpendicular with my time at TCI. God's plan is always perfect, always beautiful in His time. He uses TCI and everyone involved in it to help with my spiritual growth. It has been a revealing eye-opener moment. TCI plus His truth have inspired me for a full-time commitment to Him and to the mission that is the great commission...His love is real and pure. - Aboe -

TC Institute is like kneading a pizza dough. You're faced with a lot of challenges that feel like you're getting worn-out, but all it is doing is strengthening and stretching you for bigger and better things. TCI has been the platform God used for me to discover my calling and purpose in life, and it'll be what launches me forward in my ministry and life. - Stanzy -