Jobs/Music Director

Job Description: Music Director is responsible for the church-wide music ministry. This role manages the preparation, performance, and production of the music ministry in order to create and maintain the desired church atmosphere set forth by the Church Experience Director. This requires a firm understanding on how music can elevate people’s experience in TC and their role in achieving the church’s vision. As the leader of music volunteers, the Music Director is required to demonstrate high leadership capabilities as well as being a great team player.
Main Responsibilities
  • Guiding and leading the music for TC services and events.
  • Work with In-service Production Manager for music team scheduling.
  • Develop and maintain quality standard for music team.
  • Caring for the music team.
  • Direct the music ministry to move forward towards TC’s vision.
  • Sets the musical direction for TC Music.
  • Lead the production of original music for TC Music.
Must Haves
  • Strong musical ability.
  • Vast experience and knowledge in musical performance and production.
  • Experience as Music Director.
  • Interest and familiarity in contemporary music.
  • Ability to lead a team and pastorally care for people
Nice To Haves
  • Familiarity with Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Experience in music ministry.
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