Ignite is a community for teens to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with one another. It's a place for them to learn more about who they are and how that uniqueness can be used throughout their lives. We believe that no one is meant to walk this journey alone, and that is our mission for each teen to experience this when they come to Ignite.

When is IGNITE?

Every Saturday, 5pm at Citibank

Why Saturday?

Saturday allows our team to create a youth-centric environment filled with fun, faith and family vibes. Youth Nights are where teens grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and cultivate healthier relationships with one another.

What should my teen(s) do on Sundays?

The Collective believes in a multi-generational church, therefore our directive is to guide teens into serving and leading more throughout the various ministries in church. This also leaves Sundays open for family time, study time, or hang out time as they’ve already ‘participated’ in a church service the Saturday prior!

How do I know if there’s a service or event?

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What is Unplugged?

Unplugged is a night for students to open up, dig deeper into the word and grow relationally with Jesus and with one another within small groups. We, as a team, also utilize this night to challenge our teens to grow in their talents and gifts, from emceeing, to the music team, or the multi-media team, or serving in other areas.

How do you split age, groups and genders?

In IGNITE we split our teens into Junior High and High school groups, and then we keep it gender related and grade focused. (For example, junior high girls would be together paired with a female leader)

What is the IGNITE age rage?

IGNITE ranges between 7th–12th grade and teens are grouped into Junior High (7th–9th grade) and High School (10th–12th grade).


Jordan Acuestas +6281286016952

Rere Jessup +6281293664254

Becca Judson +6282122321935

Candice Sihite +6281380653516

In Ignite we have a team of leaders who help create a safe and open atmosphere for teens to grow in their relationship with Christ. These are just a few of our leaders contacts, if you need more information please feel free to contact us.

Ways To Get Involved

If you’re a parent or an adult that would like to be a part of this youth ministry, there are many ways you can join:

- Provide food for Saturday nights

- Volunteer as a Tribe Leader, Admin, Event Planning, Service Coordinator

- Open your home to be a venue for IGNITE to use for hangouts, parties, bible study, or baptisms.

These are just to name a few, but what we would really love is to get to know you and your teens so we can have a better relationship with open communication.

For more information concerning events, services, and scheduling, please contact: