Going Deeper is our church ministry which oversees all seminars, classes and Bible Studies. There are a variety of classes to choose from with topics ranging from Bible studies, parenting, health to music!

CLASS LISTING As of May 14, 2018

For registration and information: goingdeeper@tcjakarta.org

Level 8 Connect Area



Session 1 / The reasons for God

Date: Sunday 15 April

Time: 11.30am
This session will help you learn how to answer common objections from atheists/agnostics by looking at the evidence for God and arm participants with knowledge and ways to engage with atheists/agnostics.


Session 2 / Jesus among other gods

Date: Sunday 29 Apri

Time: 11.30am

We will examine the historical nature of the Cross and see why Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be – God in the flesh. Examining extra-biblical evidence will further help us see that the New Testament record can be trusted. We will also why the Trinity is not only biblical, but also a logical yet divine mystery.


Session 3 / Is God a monster?

Date: Sunday 13 May

Time: 11.30am

This session will encourage participants to reevaluate their understanding and interpretation of certain verses and passages from both the Old and New testaments. A loving or wrathful God? A god of violence or a God of love and peace? What the hell is hell? Can a loving God send us to an eternal hell?


Session 4 / The problem of pain and suffering

Date: Sunday 27 May

Time: 11.30am

Does pain, evil and suffering disprove God? In this session, difficult questions will be dealt with from an intellectual perspective and from an emotional perspective. Does God will pain, evil & suffering? Does God punish individuals for wrongdoing? Is God to blame for all the evil in the world? This session will help participants obtain a better understanding of God in the midst of pain and suffering.


Session 5 / Dealing with other worldviews

Date: Sunday 3 June

Time: 11.30am

This session will explore some of the most commonly adhered to worldviews, and how to engage with people who hold these worldviews. This session will be both apologetic (‘defending’ objections to Christianity) and polemic (‘attacking’ other worldviews, but of course in an open and friendly manner!).


Session 6 / Open forum

Date: Sunday 10 June

Time: 11.30am

Still have questions? Still confused about a particular topic or idea? This is the forum for you. Feel free to ask ANY question about Christianity or other worldviews in an open and friendly atmosphere.


Parenting Teens

Date: Sunday 27 May

Time: 10am

Are you a parent of a teen or do you interact with teens in your job? Have you ever been frustrated or puzzled by the behavior of teenagers? You will learn what is really going on within the brain and the body of teenagers as well as ways to connect with them. You will also receive practical wisdom and encouragement from a clinical psychology perspective.

Presented by Indry Wardhani.



Date: Sunday 22 July

Time: 8.30AM-11AM

Marriage is a gift from God for many reasons, but it is the most challenging of all human relationships!  As one person wrote, marriage is the closest thing to heaven or hell on earth!

In Going Deeper in Marriage, Pastor Bernard and Jeannette Persichetti want to share with pre-married and married couples what they have learned along their journey and am sure that it will assist you in preparing and enriching your relationship.